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Universal Kennel Club International (see Universal Organization) was established 1938.(Meet the staff) Besides being one of the oldest dog registries in America, Universal is becoming the most recognized. We are the "original" registry for many breeds and the first "All Breed" registry in America. (Breeders) Universal recognized and registered many breeds before any other registry.
We are always working hard to remain the number 1 registry in customer service and satisfaction. By maintaining high standards and always ready to change the industry for the benefit of pet lovers, Universal and its members are growing in record numbers. On our 60th anniversary (1998)we changed everything at Universal.
Email: info@universalkennel.com
1. There's so much more, please call for all the changes & many free valuable services and benefits at Universal
, 845/735-0055.
2. There are over 100s of new breeders each month registering from all over America with Universal.

Universal specializes in registering purebred canines of all breeds and fully servicing their needs. We also register poos, hybrids and rarebreeds under special registration programs. Universal is becoming a leader in many areas of the pet industry. Universal also has a great Rare Breed program. (Rare Breeds)
Our overall service is extraordinary and our many and expanding free services are helping to make Universal the number one registry in the world.
Why should you be with Universal?( See Why Universal?)
We have one of the most complete and accurate registry systems for All Breeds in the world. We are one of the fastest growing, along with being the most improved and registry in the world.

Universal's extensive recent investments and commitment to excellence for All Breeds is assured. We are always adapting and changing to meet the needs and benefits of all our members. We are the first in the world with complete and accurate computerized registration certificates that verify, type and certify a vast assortment of information for you and your dog, right on your certificate (free).
( See Verifications/Certifications/Typing)

Universal is showing up everywhere in the Pet Industry, benefiting all our members and the Pet Industry. (Free For Members of Universal) Everyone across the country is enjoying our fast, accurate and friendly service. Universal is continuously working on other shows, benefits and improvements! Universal has been working very hard to better serve and change the pet industry! Keep watching as we change the entire industry for the benefit of every breed! Our first show  was a great success and we plan to expand into all breeds eventually! Eventually we will have a Grand All Breed Show!
( See Shows/Events/Matches)  Don't worry, we are always thinking about how to make shows, events and matches the most fun in the industry. With fun and everyone involved, along with our many 
free items and prizes we try to have the most fun in the industry. Remember we  always need your help to ensure that everyone has fun.

If you have any suggestions, (e mail us at: info@universalkennel.com ) or drop us a line (address below). Or if you just want to talk to us (about anything) in the Pet Industry, give us a call 845/735-0055. If the phone is busy leave a message and we will definitely get back to you. Also, we know how costly it really is to be a breeder, and we are always working on benefits for all our breeders.

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