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Rules please NOTE carefully: 

A.) For all Regular Puppy Registrations (Green Application), an application can ONLY be obtained from a breeder after the breeder has registered the litter. 
1.Therefore breeders must register all puppies in a litter first.
2.Breeders then receive applications for their puppies. 
3.If a Green Application is lost, breeders please call 845/735-0055 for replacements.

B.) For Dual Registrations there ARE NO applications required. Just copy the certificates of registration from other registries, and mail those copies in with a note requesting Dual Registration. See "Dual Registration Program".

C) For  LITTER APPLICATION OR please contact Universal at 845/735-0055. LITTER APPLICATION

D) Concerning a Foundation Stock Application  (Never registered/ lost registration), please contact Universal at 845/735-0055.

UNIVERSAL listens to its members & breeders by changing and adapting to the meet their high standards & needs.

Any questions please call 845/735-0055.

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