New Rat Terrier Bumper Stickers

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Universal Rat Bumper Stickers are now available! 
   You can call Lois at 845/735-0055 and order it with a credit card over the telephone.
Fill in your name/address & mail check or money order to:

                                  Universal  P. O. Box 574,   Nanuet, NY 10954.                              
Your   Tel:_____________________  Name:_________________________                         


City/St/Zip:______________________    Total:        $  3.00                 
Print this page and use it as an order form. {Thank You}     
SPECIAL: (Circle and then enclose check or money order)
                        5 for $15.00  S & H Included
                 After receipt of your order, all products are mailed back first class mail.

                     1 for $ 3.50
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                     5 for $15.00
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Universal where service is the HEART of our business since 1938!

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