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1. FREE "DUAL" REGISTRATION of  the 4th dog after registering 3 or more adult dogs/cats of any breed, with no maximum limit. "Dual" registration means: dogs already registered with another registry can be registered with Universal  (email to: or fax copies of your registration certificates to: 413/451-1658 )

  2. FREE Website Advertising litters of  breeders. Breeder Ads   How Ads Work

   3. FREE Name and Phone Number of a Breeder in any area of the U.S. (Just call us 845/ 735-0055) OR Check Free Breeders.

   4. FREE list of Pet Advertisers. See Pet Advertisers By Product/Service.

   5. FREE on your certificate of registration; Verifications, Certifications and Typing of your dog. (Click here for information)

  6.FREE information about breeding your dog. Call 845/735-0055 OR Email us
FREE Health Certification for your dog or puppy on their Registration Certificate. Call and ask Universal for a free application that you can bring to your Veterinarian to get the health of your dogs or puppies certified  and put on your certificate of registration.

  8. FREE list of recommended Veterinarians See Veterinarians.

9. FREE list of over 400 recognized breeds for dogs and over 50 breeds for cats. See List of Recognized Breeds-Dogs.

10. FREE list of breeders throughout the US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and Canada.. See List of Breeders.

Questions call 845/735-0055

Also please always call, as we will always consider hardship discounts for our products and services in unforeseen, serious and uncontrollable situations and circumstances for both members and new members.
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                                            Please keep checking as we will be adding more items and services FREE.   
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