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Anyone can call(845/735-0055) or e-mail Universal to give us any comments or suggestions. (Email info@universalkennel.comon this website) We like to laugh, so send the jokes too!

Universal wants any member who wishes to participate in helping out at any of our shows shows, events or matches
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Universal is currently working on many other projects to benefit  and improve all of our members & their loved pets. (News)

Universal will help any breeder or member or customer, with any problem concerning registrations, information or whatever help we can give quickly, happily and accurately.(What to do/Questions?) ( Also for Shelters & Rescues-PROJECT BREED INC. )

is working with many organizations, associations and companies for the recognition of Rare breeds.(Email (News)

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We have tried to design a website that is truly different from all others. Our NEW fast and user friendly website should be very valuable and extremely beneficial for all our members and others. We have tried to put QUICK helpful and valuable information  everywhere. This  is "the beginning" of our push to change the entire registry industry for the betterment of all pets and pet owners everywhere!
                 Please keep checking as we will be adding more items and services and information.  
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