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                      Anyone Can "Dual" Register 3 and get the 4th one free ( At The Same Time) With Universal FREE:
Anyone under our "dual" registration program who is registered with another registry and wants to register with Universal can register 3 and ger the 4th for FREE  . Just call 845/735-0055 for applications.  "Dual" registration means: dogs already registered with another registry can be registered with Universal also.  
Just make copies of the registration certificates from other registries and send them in, with a note requesting “Dual Registration”. Please send any pedigrees you may have also.

Email them to or Fax to: 413/451-1658 or Mail TO:
101 W Washington Ave
Pearl River, NY 10965


OR Fax: 413/451-1658                                 (Info: 845/735-0055) Also see the FREE DUAL REGISTRATION PROGRAM  

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                       Anyone Who Has NOT Registered With Universal Can Receive FREE:
Anyone that has received registration papers from Universal and has not registered their dog should note that all our registered dogs receive the following FREE:
1.FREE information, services and coupons that benefit our members.
2.FREE products and services as a member of Universal. (SEE FREE For Members of Universal)     
                         Please keep checking our pages as we will be adding more items, services and information FREE.    
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