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Universal's Pet  Policy Statements
  {Pets Including Dogs & Cats/With Over 74 Years Experience} 
Universal seriously reviews & works on all communications affecting the life, living conditions and issues of pets and their owners. This Policy Statement will be improved, updated and changed from time to time, to better serve pets and their owners. Using rules, regulations, standards, guidelines, procedures, action, information and education to fairly & justly insure proper treatment for all pets and their owners. Universal is not only a registry service, but a concerned company offering many benefits, services and products to improve the life of pets and their owners. 

All Registries should have a specific updated Pet Policy Statement with enforcement procedures and specifically state any actions they take in support of all their Policies!

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Animal Welfare Act
Business Operations
Code Of Ethics
Competition & Shows
Disaster Relief
Free Breeder Ads
Mating Service
Rare Breeds

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Animal Welfare Act
Universal fully supports the work and any improvement by the USDA to carry out The Federal Animal Welfare Act. Better enforcement of this Act can only improve all breeders, dealers of pets and those that take care of pets.
Facts: Universal has found its breeders, dealers in pets and caretakers of pets to be positive and strongly willing to work with and better understand the work of the USDA. Working properly with the USDA can only help all to become professional breeders, professional dealers in pets and professional caretakers of pets.
Universal is not affiliated with any auctions or raffles of pets. Universal has taken part in auctions and raffles that were for the 
benefit of pets, not the auctioning of pets.
However, dogs with Universal papers do take part in pet auctions and raffles. Universal cannot stop the auctioning of pets. 
Business Operations                          See: History Staff Organization
Universal operates an open, clear and direct Registry Service. Your love, concern and protection for your pets is supported by all Universal's pet policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, restrictions, communications and systems.
Facts: Universal posts on its web site, specific information about itself, its organization and its internal operations, history, plans and employees. Any member can contact and ask Universal any question about itself and its internal operations or our plans. The Homepage on our web site clearly states, "If you don't see it, ask for it!". Our Meet the staff page shows who you are contacting when you contact anyone at Universal. Our policies and goals are also clearly state and enforce thoroughly all Universal systems. Review Information below, also.
Policy: All states should adopt a fair & just "Uniform Pet Buyer Protection Act", to simplify and standardize the purchase of pets across America. There are many reasonable and beneficial laws for pets in several states and those truly interested in the welfare of pets should work for a "Uniform Pet Buyer Protection Act". This would certainly help in standardization of pet breeding, pet selling and pet buying. Buyers of pets should be fully & completely  informed by all  breeders, concerning all conditions of the sale, in a bill of sale for  their pets, and in writing.
Facts: Universal may be the only registry that resolves disputes, complaints and misunderstandings for its members and with the courage to assist all its members for the benefit of all of its pets and owners. Universal breeders are proud of the puppies they sell.
Code Of Ethics
Policy: Universal does not have what registries and organizations call a "Code Of Ethics". Many registries and organizations hide behind well worded, "Codes of Ethics" which they do not enforce, check or maintain with their members. It is the policy of Universal to use its policies, programs, restrictions procedures, rules, standards, checks, communications and actions to enforce what in reality is a well working system and structure, by which, Universal members follow and maintain very  high and valuable standards and rules. The Pet Policy Statements stated hear, clearly states how Universal maintains and enforces its high standards and rules with all the members of Universal.
Facts: Universal is in contact (by the telephone as a minimum) with most of its breeders at least once in each year. Throughout the year, representatives of Universal meet with many breeders at various events and meetings.
Competition & Shows                                          See: Shows/Events
Universal encourages properly run & sanctioned Shows and Events which should (most of all) be enjoyed by all pets and their owners. 
Universal encourages pets to be in properly run & sanctioned Shows and Events which should (most of all) be enjoyed by all pets and their owners. 
Facts: Universal has sanctioned and has helped with several shows for the Rat Terrier and has a "Show Program" in effect to help any member wishing to show their dogs. We are working on an "All Breed" show program for the year 2001. Anyone can contact us about our plans and work concerning shows.
Complaints                                         Email-Us Any Complaints
Policy: Universal accepts all complaints about any of its members, its breeders or Universal, in writing at anytime and on any subject.
Facts: Universal recieves about 50 filed complaints yearly , mostly minor. From time to time, our members telephone Universal, with a complaint and it is solved quickly and satisfactorily over the telephoneThe majority of complaints (although extremely small in number, in relation to the thousands of puppies that Universal registers annually) and for the information of our members, are about the health of a dog that was purchased. Other types of complaints are extremely rare. Most disputes are only misunderstandings, which are all worked out quickly. Universal breeders stand behind and are proud of their puppies. Universal will even accept complaints about itself and its services, products and /or benefits.
Cropping, Docking & Removal                                   
: It is standard for some breeds to receive cropping, dockings and have their dewclaws removed. However, Universal does not infringe upon an American citizen having the free will choice, not to crop, dock or remove a pets dewclaws. Pet owners that are members of Universal are not forced to do any cropping, dockings and/or dew claw removal, which they may not choose and/or desire. Although please note if you plan to show your dog, there probably will be points taken away.
Facts: Universal informs thousands of pet owners of  proper cropping, dockings and dewclaw removal for their pets, if they choose to do so.
Disaster Relief-Universal Cares Foundation Information-UCF
Policy: If Universal members incur any disasters, Universal helps with:
1. Replaced lost Universal Registration Certificates free.
2. Discount and/or free issuance of other forms of Universal paperwork.
3. Assistance by Universal in processing Universal paperwork.
4. Posting lost dogs on our web site free.
5. Asking another breeder in your area to assist you.
6. Contacting Pet Food companies & sending food for your pets.
7. Free fire & safety stickers.
8. Helping Locate temporary Rescue & Shelter assistance in your area.
Universal has assisted several of its members in the past during troubled times. Universal may be the only Registry with a Disaster Relief Assistance Program for its members. Disaster Relief must be documented and you must have an address (even temporary) to receive any relief in the form of documents, help, or food to go to where you are located. Universal may be the only Registry that offers Disaster Relief for its members.
Dual Registration                                          See: Dual Registration
Policy: Universal registers pets that are also registered with other registries.
The main purposes for most pet owners to dual register their pets with Universal is: 
1. To receive
the many free and low cost products, benefits and services that Universal offers which most registries do not offer. 
2. To simplify registering with one top quality registry (Universal).
3. To be proud of the puppies they sell by following Universal's
policies, programs, restrictions procedures, rules, standards, information, actions, benefits and services
A. Currently anyone with 5 or more pets can register their pets free with Universal under our "Dual Registration Program", from any recognized registry. 
B. For 1-4 dual registrations, it currently costs $15 per registration.
C. Breeders are reviewed thoroughly, that dual register their breeding stock dogs with Universal.
D. A photo is required with the registration certificate copy, for certain dual registrations:
Please contact Universal about which registrations may require photos.
NOTE: Universal dual registers dogs from all registries. However,  there are a few registries which do not meet the high standards,
programs, restrictions procedures, rules, systems and access to information that will allow Universal to recognize them. If an unrecognized registry meets all the high standards, programs, restrictions procedures, rules, systems and access to information that Universal requires, then it can become a recognized registry by Universal and then Universal can accept copies of their  registration certificates under our Dual Registration Program. You may always call Universal and check whether a registry is recognized by Universal, at 845/624-5555
Facts: Universal has dual registered more dogs from across America, then any other registry.
Fees-Services                                                   See: Fees & Charges
Policy: Universal charges fees for some of its services, benefits and products.
1. Overall, Universal appears to have the lowest costs of any Registry, for all our services, benefits and products to our members. 
2. We are probably the only registry offering more top quality and useful FREE benefits, products and services than any Registry in the Pet Industry.
3. Annually Universal gives out thousands of FREE litters, bumper stickers, coupons and more under our Breeder Bonus Program, our Dual Registry Program and our many other Programs, that greatly benefit all our Universal members. If your registry is not doing anything for you, then try Universal!
4.Universal does not currently charge any fees for the resolution of  complaints, disputes and misunderstandings between its members.
There are 3 forms of penalties which Universal can impose upon its members, and they are; 
1. Fees in the form of fines or penalties.
2. Disqualification as a member of Universal.
3. Cancellation of an application.
1. Universal does not currently impose any fines or penalties upon its members for violations of its policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, restrictions and systems, at this current time. Any Universal member that obviously is detrimental to , and/or harmful to the Pet Industry, Universal and/or its members and/or their pets by disregarding and having obvious disrespect for  Universal's policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, restrictions and systems, they may simply be cancelled from their membership with Universal and can no longer do any business with , become a member of Universal again, or share in the many benefits, services and products of Universal. The Board of directors of Universal reviews carefully and completely to make such decisions. Please note that there are some processing fees which Universal has to properly and quickly process some applications.
2. If violations are serious, then a member of Universal may loose their membership.
3. There are applications from time to time which Universal notifies the applicant that a particular application cannot be processed and is being cancelled, because it did not meet the high policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, restrictions and systems of Universal.
When there are any serious violations, Universal always directly contacts our members and discusses any and all violations and/or discrepancies.
1. Up to 12/31/03, Universal has cancelled the membership of less than 5 members. 
2. Almost all complaints, disputes and misunderstandings between Universal members have been solved satisfactorily and quickly. 
3. Universal tries not to impose any fees or penalties because we understand the many expensive costs, that are involved with maintaining, breeding and owning pets.
Free Breeder Ads                                               See: Breeder Ads 
Policy: Universal offers free web site advertising to its breeders who:
1. Are a current breeder with at least 1 litter in the past year. AND 
2. Have registered the litter (s) with Universal, you want advertised. AND
3. Have a good status as a Universal breeder and member.
See Rules
1. Information from most of our breeders, reveals that most of our breeders get an excellent response, to their free ads on our web site. Across America. 
2. Universal will only advertise studs and/or bitches from our breeders that have registered them in our lifetime Mating Services Program separately
3. Universal does not advertise anyone, in any form, that is a direct competitor of Universal (other businesses and registries for example).
Universal is supportive of state laws to oppose illegal fighting by pets.
Facts: Universal does not attend, support nor has been affiliated with any illegal pet fighting.
Universal strongly abhors and works against any harm to pets and/or their owners.
Facts: Universal through its many programs, procedures, rules, standards, information, actions, benefits & services and with our open & quick communication systems ( telephone, e mail, fax  letter or direct & open discussion), is working very hard to avoid and stop any harm to pets and/or their owners.
Pets have assisted mankind since the beginning of time. And all pets that assist humans, should be treated properly.
Facts: In America, history has shown overall that mankind has great love for the pets that have assisted humans.
Pets have hunted with, and worked with mankind since the beginning of time. All pets used in hunting and working should be  treated properly also.
Facts: In America, history overall has shown mankind having great love for the pets that have hunted and worked with them.
Information                                                                  See: News
1.Universal has an updated, open, informative and simple web site. 
Universal tries to answer most questions on our web site, and tries to clearly state as much useful and helpful information as is possible on its web site
2.Information about a breeder and/or a pet owner is kept confidential unless the breeder and or the pet owner gives written permission to give their information to someone else. Information about a specific registration can be given if, it is determined the the inquirer can receive that specific information about a particular registration and it does not violate the privacy of our members and their registrations.
3. Most information about Universal is disclosed to anyone requesting information about Universal. However, there are various forms of information which Universal does not disclose, because of competitive reasons. That information covers; total litters, total dog registrations, total revenues, total products & services and certain historical information about Universal and/or its breeds,  breeders and/or members.
4. Valuable information concerning the Pet Industry is disclosed to our members, as it saves our members a lot of money to be well and properly informed.
5. All advertising  concerning Universal members and some non-members which are in the Pet Industry (example Rescues & Shelters)  and requested advertising is done only by the specific permission of the one advertised and under the rules of Universal with reviews of all advertisers and advertising.
Facts: Universal has one of the most useful, helpful and informative web sites in the Registry Industry. Universal is always open to suggestions that may improve our products, services and benefits to its members and their loved pets.
Internet                                                                    See: Homepage
Universal has an updated, open, informative and simple web site
Facts: Universal tries not use its web site to burden anyone viewing our web site (with unsolicited advertising sent to them), nor do we gather personal information from anyone that goes on our web site. Nor do we manipulate our web site to hinder anyone from viewing it or using it. Anyone needing help with any subject in the pet industry can e mail us, and we will try our best to assist you and your pets. Credit card information is protected & secure and we do not sell any names or information on any mailing lists to anyone else, about you or your pets. Our Web is one of the most updated, informative, helpful and useful in the Pet Industry.
Universal supports all laws protecting pets and their owners and any good improvements to laws that fairly and justly help pets and their owners.
In addition, anyone that tries to harm Universal by defaming the character of Universal or committing libel against or any fraud against or illegal false accusations against Universal will be legally dealt with. Opinions, views and ideas are fine, but sometimes they may be illegal and Universal has an obligation to its members to protect the reputation of Universal.
Facts: We are willing to discuss any pet related laws in America.
Universal is always willing to discuss any pending legislation concerning pets and/or their owners.
Facts: We have discussed assorted pending legislation with our members over time.
Mating Services                                                 See: Mating Service
Universal provides Mating Services for dogs to do the following:
1. Assist our members to mate their pets.
2. Assist our members to be aware of, and consider all the ramifications, responsibilities and repercussions of mating their pets.
3. Assist all our members to understand the full effects on themselves, others and all pets when their pets are mated.
Facts: Universal may be the only Registry that provides educational Mating Services for its members.
Message Board-Universal                         See: Message Board
Policy: Universal offers  everyone the ability to freely and openly discuss any and all issues concerning  pets and their owners. 
A. Universal may have the most unrestricted Message Board for pets and their owners in the Pet Industry. 
B. Universal will not delete any message unless it is:
1. Unlawful.
2. Showing obvious and total disregard for and clearly violating any of Universal's policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, restrictions, communications and systems.
3. Inappropriate in its content pertaining to improper and/or serious harm to Universal, pet owners or any pet without facts to substantiate any serious statements or statements that may appear to bring legal action upon  themselves.
4. Outright lies.
5. Clearly harmful to pets and their owners.
Mixed-Breeds-Hybrids      See: Wolf Hybrids   Rare Breeds Hybrids
Many recognized pure breeds of today are the result of mixing breeds. Universal works hard to maintain the integrity of all its recognized pure breeds and their current standards. However, due to the needs in the pet industry, Universal registers the litters of "Poo's", which have had common "breeding standards" for over 50 years. Every "Poo" Puppy Application and Registration Certificate clearly states "Limited Registration" and that it is a "Poo" and therefore not a recognized pure breed dog. Other restrictions and clear statements are made on the Applications and Registration Certificates of other breeds and hybrids. The only other registration which Universal permits are "Wolf Hybrids" which have also had "standard breeding" practices and registration procedures for over 50 years also.
In Addition-Universal registers all types of Hybrids under it's Limited Registration Hybrid Program.
Facts: Universal is always willing to change, improve and update all its programs, procedures, rules, standards, information, actions, benefits & services, to enforce the integrity and protections of all its recognized pure breeds, registered but restricted Poo's and Wolf Hybrids.
Universal supports a person's right to sell, own, train, show, work, hunt, breed and enjoy their pets and we work hard towards all pet owners properly treating and caring for their pets.
Facts: Universal has been educating and helping pet owners to properly care for their pets for over 60 years.
Although Universal is in the pet registration business, we wish everyone would work to better control pet populations.
Facts: Universal works to limit pet populations by-
1. Finding new homes for pets.
           2. Selling educational books and pamphlets.
           3. Is the only National registry as of 12/30/00 to have a Mating
               Program assisting anyone to understand the full responsibilities 
               repercussions & costs of breeding.
           4. Supporting  proper Pet Farms, Pet Zoos & more, to care for pets.
           5. Supporting Rescues & Shelters.
           6. Encouraging spaying & neutering.
           7. Encourage breeders working together to control pet populations.
Pedigrees                                                                  See: Pedigrees
Universal provides pedigrees for all its registered pets, for various fees. Historical information about various breeds must be approved by the Board of Directors before it can be given to our members. Pedigrees are only issued to the owner of the pet. If someone other than the owner of the pet, requests a pedigree for a pet (they do not own), Universal will request the owners permission before a pedigree is issued.
Facts: Universal has been issuing pedigrees for its registered pets for over 60 years. Although our pedigrees are somewhat more costly than others, our commitment to accuracy is the highest. Universal currently provides pedigrees with the names of the dogs in each generation. However, for different fees, Universal may be the only registry that can and does provide other information from special requests on a pedigree from time to time, such as; their universal registration #'s, their colors and sometimes if available photos. Universal's pedigree can provide such information if our members require such information. The registration #'s for pets that have come to Universal from another registry can also be provided if available. Our members may continue the pedigree of their dog which may have transferred its registration to Universal from another registry.
Professional-Breeders                                              See: Breeders
Any breeder selling pets for money is a business breeder and should always strive to be a professional breeder. Universal believes and works hard towards the goal that any breeder or otherwise, that makes money their main interest in the pet business, and does not follow all laws and properly treat and care for their pets (for which they are in business for), should be removed from being in the pet business. Universal will work hard with anyone submitting substantiated facts about any of its members who are in the pet business that are not properly caring for and treating the pets they sell.
A. Universal supports and works with all our professional breeders. As of 12/30/00 Universal may be the only registry that resolves complaints, disputes and misunderstandings for all its members. We are extremely successful in the proper and satisfactory resolution of complaints, disputes and misunderstandings for our members. Also, Universal is probably the only registry that has a full Mating Service to help and support anyone considering mating their dog or getting into the business of breeding dogs. Universal's professional breeders are proud of the puppies they sell.
B. For the year 2001 Universal will be working on a standard Universal guide for Universal professional breeders, which will be posted on our web site. This guide will help all our breeders to properly follow all of Universal's policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, restrictions and systems and produce and continue to produce the top quality healthy puppies that Universal breeders have been producing for over 60 years. We are open to receive input from across America, Universal members or non-members. email us at: 
C. Universal sells a book from T.F.H. Publications, Inc.,"Dog breeding for professionals" by Dr. Herbert Richards for $20. Universal is also working on an inexpensive handbook as a thorough quick guide to help all breeders to become professional breeders.
All pets should be properly treated under all circumstances.
Facts: Universal works harder than most registries to help insure our members properly treat all pets. Anyone can contact Universal to be guided in the proper care and treatment of pets and their owners.
Policy: Universal believes a "Puppy Mill" under the specific definition of Universal's "Puppy Mill" definition should not be doing business in the pet industry.
Although there are many definitions, mixed standards, many personal opinions and/or views applied to Puppy Mills, based on our experience of over 65 years in the Pet Industry, Universal's complete, specific and full definition of a Puppy Mill, is:
1. Their only purpose is to make money from pets. (Simply selling pets for money, does not make someone's only purpose, just to make money from pets, as almost every breeder sells their pets for money in America)
2. Their pets are not properly treated and cared for. (Not a rare and/or an occasional case of their pets becoming sick or injured, which happens to many pets, in and across America)
3. They are not upholding and maintaining laws concerning their pets. (They are breaking laws in their state, whether they are local, state and/or federal laws, in the sale, care and/or treatment of their pets)
4. They obviously show a total disregard for the policies, programs, restrictions procedures, rules, standards, information, actions, benefits and services of Universal Kennel Club. (Not a simple error, mistake and/or misunderstanding concerning our policies programs, restrictions procedures, rules, standards, information, actions, benefits and services)
5. Their actions cause severe harm or injury to pets and/or pet owners. (Not what might have been an accident, temporary or a less than perfect condition, or even a misunderstanding from a breeder, a dealer in pets and/or a caretaker of pets)
6. Their improper actions are specific, repetitive and causing continued serious harm. (Not just an occasional human error, mistake and/or misunderstanding, or less than perfect condition, which does not harm the overall health of a pet)
7. Their pets are improperly caged, housed and transported. (Not just an occasional, temporary or limited case of improper caging, housing and transportation)
A. Universal communicates often with, and works often with, most of its breeders, dealers of pets, caretakers of pets and pet owners to insure all our members are/or quickly become "Professional Breeders" and responsible pet owners and follow the policies, programs, restrictions procedures, rules, standards, information, actions, benefits and services of Universal Kennel Club. 
B. Simply having a large number of breeding stock dogs by itself, does not make a breeder a "Puppy Mill", under Universal's definition of a "Puppy Mill".  From our experience in the Pet Industry (over 60 years), if just the number of dog's was the only or  main factor in determining what a real "Puppy Mill" is, then well over 90% of all the pet owners (including Rescues & Shelters) in America (from all registries), would be considered "Puppy Mills"! 
C. If the caging of pets is the only or main factor in determining what a real "Puppy Mill" is, then well over 80% of all pet owners (including Rescues *& Shelters) in America (whether they are registered or not), may be considered a "Puppy Mill". As many pet owners in America, have placed their pets at one time or another, in small cages for reasonably long periods of time, for a wide assortment of reasons (this is sometimes evident at Pet Shows & Events).
D. If occasional, temporary or limited caging, housing and transportation is the only factor in determining what a real "Puppy Mill" is, then most pet owners in America would be guilty, as most have for whatever reason at some time or another, temporarily and for a short period of time improperly caged, housed or transported their pets.

Universal certainly does not consider Rescues & Shelters, "Mills", simply because: (And Universal tries to support all Rescues & Shelters)
1. They house a large number of pets. (they have little choice)
2. Cage all their pets, sometimes in small cages. (they must do so sometimes)
3. Have a large number of animals that are in ill health, (because they often arrive that way and are treated)
4. Are overcrowded. (they can only do their best)
5. They sometimes may not be maintaining the high standards of Universal. (this unfortunately may happen).
6. They repeat and sometimes may make a human error and accidentally cause harm to a pet as they often are handling a large number of pets.
However, local, state and federal officials should also properly check and supervise all Rescues & Shelters, to assure humane and proper treatment of pets at all Rescues & Shelters. Also, Universal will work with any proper Rescue & Shelter to aid pets and their owners.

Also, Shows and Events should be more closely monitored for pets that may be placed in small uncomfortable and/or improper cages or housing during transportation and/or attendance at shows, for long periods of time.

Universal may be the only Registry with a clear, specific and direct policy on "Puppy Mills" and the checking and supervision of all forms of housing, transportation and treatment for all pets.

Universal has many policies, programs, restrictions procedures, rules, standards, checks, communications and actions which discourage true "Puppy Mills" from registering with Universal. 
Universal can only work with FACTS, not opinions, views or unfounded attacks, personal agendas or campaigns against anyone in the Pet Industry.
For anyone to expect Universal to work with anything less then all the facts, is unfair, wrong and harmful in itself.
Rare Breeds                                                          See: Rare Breeds
A. From time to time Universal has and may recognize a rare breed dog, as an officially recognized pure breed dog, just like all registries. There are many rules, requirements and qualifications which must by met in order for Universal to officially recognize a rare breed as an officially recognized pure breed dog. 
B. Universal registers many Rare breeds under its "Rare Breed Limited Registration Program". For more information about this program please contact Universal at 845/624-5555. There are currently many breeds in Universal's Rare Breed Limited Registration Program.
Facts: Any breeder can register their rare breed dogs under our "Rare Breed Program" until that rare breed becomes an officially recognized pure breed dog, by Universal. There are restrictions stated on the puppy applications for rare breed dogs.
Rescue & Shelters                                       See: Rescues & Shelters
Universal is very thankful to and supportive of all  Rescues & Shelters for any and all pets welfare.
Facts: We are always open to any valuable and significant suggestion that Universal can implement to help lower  pet populations and properly provide for unwanted pets. All the work that Universal does currently to control pet populations can be seen under the categories of "Mating Service",
"Over-Population",  "Puppy Mills" and "Professional Breeders", Spaying & Neutering".
Universal helps Rescues & Shelters with:
1. Posting your Rescue and/or Shelter free on our web site.
2. Giving contacts of other concerned persons that can help transport a pet to a new home across the country.
3. Posting photos of dogs looking for a home, which helps them find homes faster.
4.Helping Rescues, Shelters and concerned pet lovers to work together all across America.
Universal does not believe (in today's advanced technological society) that dogs and cats are needed in any harmful scientific research that causes any form of injury to pets. Mild and limited testing and/or study which does not harm or injure pets in anyway, may be acceptable.
Facts: Universal has not supported the use of dogs or cats for any scientific research.
Universal clearly explains any breeding and/or registering restrictions (and why to all its breeders and members) as they must maintain  high standards as breeders and always be a professional breeder. All restrictions and guidelines are important to maintain high breed standards and integrity.
Facts: Universal has communicated continually with all its breeders as best as possible, the important need for professional breeding. Our Web is one of the most updated, informative, helpful and useful in the Pet Industry
Universal continually reviews all its rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, communications and restrictions to properly protect all pets, all recognized breeds and all standards in the pet industry. Rules, regulations and restrictions for all of Universal's systems are imposed for the proper, efficient and correct processing of all Universal's applications, services and benefits.
Facts: Universal often improves, changes and upgrades its rules, regulations and restrictions to help pets and their owners.
Spaying & Neutering
Universal encourages spaying or neutering pets.
Facts: Many calls come to Universal daily asking our advise and under the proper circumstances, spaying or neutering is recommended.
All recognized breeds have specific standards for each breed.
All recognized breeds must have standards specific to each breed.
Facts: Universal works hard to maintain full integrity for all its recognized breeds and their standards.
 Universal has a free lost or stolen information service on its web site. We also offer an ID tag for a small fee that can be placed on your dog in case it is lost or stolen.
Facts: Universal helps to return lost dogs back to their owners throughout the year with our ID tags. Our members can also consider micro-chipping or tattooing their dogs which is placed on their Registration Certificates.
Policy: Universal does not agree with  ANY violence or terrorist acts  against pets and/or their owners. All such acts are not warranted under any circumstances.
Facts: We have never carried out, supported or considered any form of violence and/or terrorist acts against any pets and/or their owners ( including use of the internet or any other electronic media).

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