BREED: Belgian Griffon
Country: Belgium
Group: Terriers.
Size: Toy/Small/Medium.
Weight: Belgian Griffon up to 7lbs and up to 11lbs, Brussels 6-12lbs. and Petit Brabancon 6-12lbs.
Height: Belgian Griffon up to 8 inches, Brussels up to 8 inches, and Petit Brabancon up to 8inches
Coat: Belgian Griffon hard, long and disheveled. Brussels long, hard and disheveled. Petit Brabancon short and dense.
Color: Belgian-Black, black/tan or red/black grizzle. GriffonBrussels red.  Petit Brabancon Red, red/black, red/black grizzle, black or black/tan.
Type/Names: Belgian Griffon-Griffon Belge, Brussels-Griffon Bruxellois and Petit Brabancon-Piccolo Brabantino.

For specific breed standards ( for shows ) contact Universal 845/735-0055.
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