BREED: Cheins Francaises

Country: France
Group: Hound
Size: Medium
Weight: Blanc et Noir and Blanc et Orange- 62-66 lbs., Tricolore-60 lbs.
Height: Blance et Noir and Blanc et Orange- 26-29 inches, Tricolore- 25-28 inches.
Coat: Short and smooth.
Color: Blanc et Noir- Actually a tricolor, but the tan is reduced to marks on the head and ears, Blanc et Orange- Orange and white, Tricolore- Tricolor in a broken pattern all over the body.
Type/Names: Blance et Noir- French Black and White Hound, Blanc et Orange- French Orange and White Hound, Tricolore- French Tricolor Hound. 

For specific breed standards ( for shows ) contact Universal 845/735-0055.

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