BREED: Griffon Vendeens

Country: France
Group: Hound
Size: Medium, Petit-Small
Weight: Grand- 66-77 lbs., Briquet- 25-53, Grand Basset- 40-44, Petit Basset- 25-35 lbs.
Height: Grand- 23.5+ inches preferred, Briquet-20-22 inches, Grand Basset- 15-16.5 inches, Petit Basset- 13-15 inches.
Coat: 1.25-2.5 inches, hard and rough; never soft.
Color: Various shades of orange, gray, tawny, or black/tan, usually as spots on white background.
Type/Names: Grand- Large Vendeen Griffon, Briquet- Medium Vendeen Griffon, Grand Basset- Large Vendeen Basset, Petit Basset- Small Vendeen Basset.

For specific breed standards ( for shows ) contact Universal 845/735-0055.

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