BREED: Rat Terrier
Country: USA
Group: Terrier
Size: Toy/Medium/Standard
Weight: 10 lbs. & under;  over 10 lbs. to 18 lbs;  over 18 lbs.
Height: up to 23 inches;
Coat: Short, smooth.
Color: Tri-spotted, red/white, solid red, solid black/tan, blue/white, red.
Type/Names: American Rat Terrier
For specific breed standards ( for shows ) contact Universal 845/735-0055. See below for a more detailed standard.
Official-Standard-Rat Terrier/General Description WHICH INCLUDE CLASS A, CLASS B & THE DECKER GIANT BLOODLINE Universal Kennel Club Inter.
-Wedge shaped placed well up on side of head. FLAW spaced too far apart, one up one down, round and bat like.
SKULL-Slightly rounded. FLAW apple or dome head or very narrow skull.
EYES-Almond or oval or round, moderately small, expressive, brown or shaded according with coat color. FLAW Bulging eyes.
MUZZEL-Medium long, muscular cheeks, tapered but not snippy. Distance approximately equal to skull. Moderate stop. FlAW too sharp of a stop like seen in the Chihuahua breed.
NOSE- Black or slate, brown or red shaded according to coat color. FLAW pink or pink spotted, snow nose.
STOP -Moderate, tapered. Not sharp.
BITE/LIPS- Level or scissors with even straight and thin lips. FLAW undershot or overshot bite or large or bulging lips.
BODY-Class A Height approximately the same to the length, Length not to exceed 3" from height Class B for the short leg type, body length not to exceed 3" in proportion to leg length FLAW excessive barrel chest or round body.
NECK-Moderately long, slightly arched, widening into the shoulder, strong and muscular in appearance giving good support to head.
SHOULDERS-Sloping and well arched with good layback.
BACK- Straight and strong. FLAW roached, sway or rounded rump.
TAIL-Carried erect while moving, set high. When docked as a puppy leave approximately 3/4 of an inch on the dog. Adults 2"-2 1/2". FLAW no tail or full tail unless born a natural bob.
BACK LEGS-Strong in thigh, slight angulation in hock. Stifle neither turned in or out. FLAW cow hocked or bowed
TUCK-Up slightly.
ELBOWS-Held close and perpendicular to body. FLAW turned in or out.
FEET- Oval and compact.
FRONT LEGS-Straight feet pointed forward. FLAW turned in or out. Bow legged.
CHEST-Fairly deep, well ribbed. FLAW too narrow or excessive barrel chested.
COAT-Short, smooth, shiny. FLAW too thin.
COLORS-Black, white, blue, red, apricot, lemon, charcoal, chocolate or liver. Browns: (sable, fawn, tan) Chocolate and liver must have chocolate, liver, or red nose.
MARKINGS-With white, with tan, with white and tan and with black.
PATTERNS-Tri, piebald, bi, Solid, brindle (on face only), merle, pearl.  
WEIGHT-Toy 10lbs. or less. Mini over 10 to 18lbs. Standard over 18 to 28lbs. Decker Giant 28+ to 45lbs.
MOVEMENT-Smooth flowing legs moving straight, agile.
TEMPERMENT: Quiet, playful & keen hunting instincts.
DISQUALIFICATIONS-A dog that cannot be brought under control. Monorchid and Cryptorchid. Brindle on body other than face.
CHARACTER-Pleasant, easy to get along with, quick, alert, agile. True terrier, a superb ratter. Active outdoors, wonderful house pet, companion and watchdog. Sturdy.
PLEASE NOTE: Class A is of the longer legged-squarer type. Class B is of the shorter legged-stockier type. Both can be shown in the each class. Other standards apply to all.
FLAW MEANS: Points will be taken off a particular trait. It does not mean the dog can not compete.
DISQUALIFICATION MEANS: A dog may not compete in an official show for points.

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