BREED: Samoyeds

Country: Samoyed- Scandinavian countries, Nenents Herding Laika- USSR
Group: Northern
Size: Medium
Weight: Samoyed- 50-65 lbs., Nenents- 40-50 lbs.
Height: Samoyed- 19-23.5 inches, Nenents Herding Laika- Over 18 inches for males, over 16 for females.
Coat: Long, stand-off, with dense underwool.
Color: Samoyed- White, white with biscuit, cream, all biscuit, Nenents- White, gray, black or tan, either solid or piebald pattern with white.
Type/Names: Nentents- Russian Samoyed Laika, Reindeer Herding Laika.

For specific breed standards ( for shows ) contact Universal 845/735-0055.

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