BREED: Shika Inus

Country: Japan
Group: Northern
Size: Standard
Height: Kishu- 17-22 inches, Kai Dog- 18-22.5 inches, Shikoku- 17.5-22 inches.
Coat: Kishu- Short, coarse and straight, soft, dense undercoat, fringe on cheeks and tail, Kai Dog- Short, straight and coarse with soft, dense undercoat, hair longer on the tail, Shikoku- Short, harsh and straight with soft, dense undercoat.
Color: Kishu- White most common, but can be red, sesame or brindle, Kai Dog- Black brindle, red brindle or brindle, Shikoku- Brindle or red.
Type/Names: Kai Dog- Tora (Tiger) Dog

For specific breed standards ( for shows ) contact Universal 845/735-0055.

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