BREED: Toi Leo

Country: USA
Group: Toy
Size:  Toy,
Weight: 6-10 pounds
Height 8-12 inches.
Coat: Thick, straight and very long, with an undercoat.
         As a puppy; the coat is shorter from the shoulders to the hind quarters, giving a "mane" appearance.
Color: Solids or parties. All colors acceptable.
Eyes: Bright, large and round, wide set with no bulging.
Ears: Erect, more round. Generally up with a tip fold allowed.
Bite: Slight under bite or straight bite.
General Appearance: Narrow in the hip compared to the chest.
Type/Names: None.
Registry: Only Universal.

History: This breed originated through careful selective breeding of various toy breeds. The purpose was to enhance endurance, strength and to minimize eye and patella problems.
They are very proud and regal in appearance. Grooming (lion cut) enhances its vivacious prancing gait and increases its "I am Royalty" attitude. They are confident with stubborn independence, alert, intelligent and courageous. Very spirited but affectionate, making them a good choice as a companion. Generally speaking they are great with children but love to be around all people.

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