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Universal Cares Foundation Ltd.-UCF was incorporated  founded in 2002.  Helping people & pets! 
Universal Kennel Club International Ltd. has been caring, sharing & helping people & pets since 1938. The Board of Directors decided, to separate into, it's own foundation, all the money effort & time that Universal Kennel was spending on helping people & pets to better serve them and the members of Universal Kennel is now better served at UCF.In addition UCF helps disabled/disadvantaged/poor people 
PLEASE SEE UCF: How We Care For People & Pets &

PROJECTSS: Universal Cares Foundation helps in many forms of Advise/Assistance/Help to disabled/disadvantaged/poor people and pets in the United States and Internationally directly.
Through group homes/homes/people to people direct/ working with doctors and nurses assisting in getting proper medical supplies, grants etc.
Hi-Tor Animal Care Center, Inc. in Rockland County, NY. Animal Shelter.
Donations  can specify and particular person or project you wish your donation to help.
For any campaign or any reason you can mail a check money order or credit card information to:
Universal Cares Foundation 101 W. Washington Ave., Pearl River NY 10965,
Or you can call Betsy Oak at 845/641-2350 and charge a donation by phone. All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.

All work done by the Trustees/Board of Directors or Workers is voluntary so more funds can go to help people and pets directly.
UCF also donates funds to promote spaying & neutering puppies, dogs, kittens & cats adopted from Hi-Tor Animal Shelter. Anyone wishing to donate to this Campaign should specify "Spay & Neuter on there donation"
This fund also offsets the costs of Rockland County Vets prior to adoptions.

If you have any suggestions, e mail us at: info@universalkennel.com or drop us a line (address below). Or if you just want to talk to us (about anything) in the Pet Industry or about donations or people that need help, give us a call 845/641-2350. If the phone is busy leave a message and we will definitely get back to you that day. Also, we know how costly it really is to be a breeder and to try to help the disabled/disadvantaged and poor.

UCF will be a totally open, honest and a totally revealing foundation, any Universal Kennel member or contributor to UCF can ask any question at anytime and we will answer any and all questions, openly and honestly. We wish ALL not-for profit organizations would do the same in America!

Universal Cares Foundation Ltd.  
A not for profit foundation section 501(C) (1), incorporated 12/18/02, in New York State.

Board of Directors & Trustees:
President/Director/Trustee: Betsy Oak
Vice President/Trustee: 
Attorney Thomas Oconnell 
Vice President/Trustee:   Dr. Rosalind Davis 
Vice President: Attorney Thomas Oconnell
Vice President/Trustee: Nancy Rhoades

Secretary/Treasurer:  Bethzaida Hernandez 

Universal,  Loving & Caring for People & Pets Every Step Of The Way, with integrity, experience and simplicity since 2002!

                   Universal Cares Foundation -Caring & Sharing  for Pets!
                            P.O Box 935,  Pearl River, NY 10965.

How UCF Cares
Lost & Stolen Pets
Vet Help Links
Mission: Loving pets since 1938, helping pets and people provide the best love & care for their pets & help with adopted, lost, missing and stolen pets.
UCF-Help Box: If you need pet HELP, Universal & it's members will help! Universal is happy to post any important help for people & pets across America!
Rescues: UCF helped
(#227) rescue dogs get to new homes. 

Free Dogs & Puppies! UCF helped
find home (#125+) adopted dogs.  Latest dogs are a Mastiff & a Golden Retriever.

Universal Cares Foundation for Pets                                                            Universal Kennel Homepage

INTERNET: With the Universal Kennel International website UCF cares & helps people & pets (Free):
1. UCF posts Lost & Stolen  pets FREE, on our homepage to help find or recover pets.
2. People looking for pets are directed by our email department, to adopt a pet also, from a rescue or shelter or from our "Free Dogs" page FREE.
3. We post on our homepage anyone needing assistance FREE, for the transportation of a rescued pet. Universal members across America then contact that person needing help, and help transport a pet across America.
4. With our "Free Dogs" page we help dogs find a new home,  because the current owner cannot take care of that pet any longer.
5. With valuable information of caring & helping with rescues & shelters for pets, Free.
6. With valuable Veterinarian internet links that help pet owners FREE.
Currently: See our homepage for the current information on help & caring for people &/or pets.

FUND RAISERS: Getting a pet from a shelter/rescue a home:
1. UCF helps pets from a shelter/rescue through donations and helping them find homes Free. And UCF has Fund Raisers to help ALL rescues & Shelters to raise funds throughout America. Thereby, another home is found for another puppy or dog and the fund raiser, helps people & pets Free.
Currently: UCF directly donated & helped a fund raiser, receive donations of over $1,800.00 in help.

DONATIONS: UCF makes direct donations to people &/or pets:
1. UCF visits and reviews & donates Free to rescues and shelters that are legal non-profit organizations helping people and/or pets.
2. UCF attends Fund Raising events and donates Free to those events to help people &/or pets.
3. Donations are received from Universal Kennel Club members in their registry applications, direct donations in the mail, donations direct from Universal Kennel Club and from Fund Raising events of  UCF.
4. UCF donates to organizations Free to promote professional and proper breeding and for the improvement of the entire Pet Industry after a review.
Currently: UCF is arranging to visit several rescues & shelters.

UNIVERSAL KENNEL INTERNATIONAL: Pays for most of the administrative costs of UCF:
1. By Universal Kennel Club paying for most of the Administrative costs of UCF, then UCF can spend most of the contributions from loving contributors, directly helping people and/or pets, financially, Free.
2. All the equipment, supplies, fund raising costs, rent, utilities, transportation, lodging and most expenses are paid by donations from Universal Kennel Club Free.
3. Setting up & running any organization is very expensive, timely.
4. Universal Kennel Club offers FREE registration for ANY dog adopted or rescued from any rescue or shelter, which offers the new owner many free & valuable benefits, services and help, FREE!
Currently: Universal Kennel International has paid for all administrative expenses of UCF. 

1. All current 5 members of the Board of Directors & Trustees, volunteer all of their work and time and are not paid any salaries, Free.
2. All persons currently assisting or working for UCF, volunteer and donate their great efforts & time, Free.
Currently: Hundreds of hours have been donated to UCF by many people.

Universal Cares Foundation Ltd.  
A not for profit public charity under section 501(c) (3), Tax exempt status issued 3/24/2008 and incorporated 12/20/02, in New York State.


If you wish to donate, or work at UCF, or an event, and help people and/or pets please call 845/735-0055. 

Loving People & Pets Every Step Of The Way By caring & sharing since 1938! 
Universal Kennel Club International  Ltd. & Universal Cares Foundation Ltd.
All rights reserved. Copyright � 2002-2014 and this website designed and donated by Edward Oak.

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