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CAMPAIGN: UCF launches it's FIRST major Campaign Across America, "Spay & Neuter America"! UCF will work with legal Rescues & Shelters to pay persons adopting a pet, for getting that pet spayed or neutered. We are starting with the Hi-Tor Animal Care Center, Inc. in Rockland County, NY. Donations for this campaign can be mailed in to: Universal 101 W. Washington Ave, Pearl River NY 10965, Donations Or you can call Patti at 845/735-0055 and charge a donation. All donations receive a tax deductible receipt.
UCF is donating funds monthly to promote spaying & neutering puppies, dogs, kittens & cats adopted from Hi-Tor. Anyone wishing to donate to this Campaign should specify "Spay & Neuter America"
This fund also offsets the costs of Rockland County Vets prior to adoptions.

INTERNET: With the Universal Kennel International website UCF cares & helps people & pets (Free):
1. UCF posts Lost & Stolen pets on our homepage to help find or recover pets.
2. People looking for pets are directed by our email department, to adopt a pet also, from a rescue or shelter or from our " Free Dogs" page.
3. We post on our homepage anyone needing assistance, for the transportation of a rescued pet. Universal members across America then contact that person needing help, and help transport a pet across America.
4. With our "Free Dogs" page we help dogs find a new home,  because the current owner cannot take care of that pet any longer.
5. With valuable information of caring & helping with rescues & shelters for pets.
6. With valuable Veterinarian internet links that help pet owners FREE.
Currently: See our homepage for current information helping & caring for people &/or pets.

FUND RAISERS: Getting homes for pets from a shelter/rescue.
1. UCF helps pets from a shelter/rescue through donations and helping them to find homes.
Currently: UCF directly donated & helped a fund raiser, receive donations of over $1,800.00 in help.

DONATIONS: UCF makes direct donations to people &/or pets:

1. UCF visits and reviews & donates to rescues and shelters that are legal non-profit organizations helping people and/or pets.
2. UCF attends Fund Raising events and donates to those events to help people &/or pets.
3. Donations are received from Universal Kennel Club members in their registry applications, direct donations in the mail, donations direct from Universal Kennel Club and from Fund Raising events of  UCF.
4. UCF donates to breeder organizations to promote professional and proper breeding and for the improvement of the entire Pet Industry.
Currently: UCF is arranging to visit several rescues & shelters. And have a UCF Fund Raising event, in the Fall of 2003, in Rockland County NY.

UNIVERSAL KENNEL INTERNATIONAL: Pays for most of the administrative costs of UCF:
1. By Universal Kennel Club paying for most of the Administrative costs of UCF, then UCF can spend most of the contributions from loving contributors, directly towards helping people and/or pets, financially.
2. All the equipment, supplies, fund raising costs, rent, utilities, transportation, lodging and most expenses are paid by donations from Universal Kennel Club.
3. Setting up & running any organization is very expensive, timely and Universal Kennel Club has donated well over $10,000 as of 7/1/03.
4. Universal Kennel Club offers FREE registration for ANY dog adopted or rescued from any rescue or shelter, which offers the new owner many free & valuable benefits, services and help, FREE!
Currently: Universal Kennel International has paid for all administrative expenses of UCF. 

1. All current 5 members of the Board of Trustees, volunteer all of their work and time and are not paid any salaries.
2. All persons currently assisting or working for UCF, volunteer and donate their great efforts & time.
3. All trustees currently doing all the administrative work, donate their great efforts & time.
Currently: Hundreds of hours have been donated to UCF by many people.

Universal Cares Foundation Ltd.  
A not for profit foundation section 501(a) (1), incorporated 12/20/02, in New York State.
Board of Trustees:
President & Trustee: Edward Oak (Unkle Ed)
Vice President & Trustee: Joseph Becchinelli (Joe)

If you wish to donate, or work at UCF, or an event, and help people and/or pets please call Patti at 845/6735-0055.  (join the Universal team of caring & sharing)!
Thank you.

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