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Divisions and Functions- Universal is a privately owned family organization since 1938, here to serve our members.
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1. Communication Division -Communications:
                                              Email Info@universalkennel.com

                                              Letters-Universal   101 W. Washington Ave.,   
                                                           Pearl River, NY 10954

                                              News-Emails-Website     Advertising                                                                                             
                                              Releases-Emails, Website or Advertising

2. Application Division-Application Processing-Call 845/735-0055
                                                                Email Info@universalkennel.com
                                      Application Pending -Applications delayed in processing.
                                      Mail-Receives and sends out all mail.

3. Clubs/Shows/Judges Division-Applications for Club approval, Show approval and approval for Judges.
4. Rare Breed Division-Rare Breed applications. Call for information 845/735-0055.
5. Marketing Division- Advertising- Call for information 845/735-0055. FREE Web Ads
   -FREE Dual Registration Promotion-
/ Free for Members of Universal /
Web Ads/ Applications
                                Why Universal? / Important Information / Verifications,Certifications&Typing  

Board of Directors: Chairnman of the Board- Edward Oak
                                  Director- Bethsaida Hernandez
Chief Operating Officer-Edward Oak 
                Vice President Marketing & Technology- Edward Oak 
                  Alphabetical List of Departments within Universal Kennel Club International Inc.:
Accounting, Applications, Cafeteria, Communication, Computers, Conferencing, Filing, Library, Mail, Management, Marketing, Reviews & Investigations, Products, Representatives, Services, Special Promotions Technology.
                                                         Please keep checking as we will be adding more  items, services and information. 
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