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Rare Breed Information
You can register you Rare Breed now with Universal as a LIMITED REGISTRATION until the rare Breed is recognized.
Just submit the information for the dog and its pedigree to get them registered and then you can do LIMITED REGISTRATION litters until the breed becomes recognized.

Rare Breed RECOGNITION                                            

How we register and consider a Rare Breed for  recognition as a recognized breed.
Rare breeds under our Rare Breed Program.

To qualify, the sponsor of the Rare Breed must:
1. Submit copies of  the entire breeding stud book that is available.
2. Submit a detailed and complete history of the rare breed.
3.Exhibit pure, healthy and knowledgeable breeding techniques.
4.Maintain a reasonable form of registration of most of the dogs in that breed.
5.Submit a complete, accurate true standard that reflects that breed.
6.The standard must be clear and also state the difference, distinction and details that are for that breed only.
7.The breed must have began at a minimum of 10 generations back and been in existence for a minimum of 7 years.
8.There must be a current newsletter no matter how small( even one page distributed quarterly), for the proper
   communication, guidance and purity of that breed.

9.Universal will send a Representative to the place of breeding of the founder or the person currently maintaining the breed,     for the examination, questioning and careful review for consideration as a recognized breed.
10.Receive letters from at least three different breeding owners of the breed, explaining:
  A. Why they believe it should become a recognized breed?
  B. How long they have been breeding the breed?
  C. Why this breed should be recognized as a breed by Universal?
  D. What have they done to try to establish this breed?
  E. What are their suggestions to further the integrity of this breed?
  F. What makes this breed clearly different and distinctive from all other breeds?

There is a lengthy processing and qualification period, before any breed will officially be established as a recognized breed.
Universal over this process, can assist you to accurately and properly gather, process and review all documentation,
breeders and the breed. The first step is to establish it as a true quality Rare Breed.
There is a lot of work, dedication and costs involved. This process does transpire over a long period of time.
Submit all information about the recognition of a Rare Breed to- Attention: Rare Breed Division

The Alaskan Husky @: http://home2.inet.tele.dk/jens_eva/AlaskanHusky.htm&nbsp 

The Olde English Bulldogge @: http://www.oldebulldogge.com 

The SARPLANINAC suncica.terzic@sympatico.ca  Richmond Hill, Canada

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