Rat Terrier Book
Rat Terrier Book Form in .PDF Format


  VERY BIG NEWS: "THE NEW RAT TERRIER BOOK" IS OUT!     Universal Kennel Club International is happy to announce that the first "official" book for the Rat Terrier is now available. 

 With over 75 color photos on 93 pages of valuable information in hard cover.  Fill in your name/address & mail check or money order to:
    Universal  P. O. Box 574,   Nanuet, NY 10954.   845/735-0055                           
                     Your   Tel:_____________________  Name:_________________________    Book:                              19.95

Address:_______________________    Ship/Hand/Tax:                 5.05

City/St/Zip:_____________________    Total:                          $   25.00

Print this page and use as order form.       Times # of books:           _____

                                                               Grand Total:                  $_____
           After receipt of your order, all books are mailed back quick.
                                Email: info@universalkennel.com

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Rat Terrier Book Form in .PDF Format     

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