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We are currently updating and computerizing all our records (We are doing Pedigrees for Wolf Hybrids ).
The procedure for obtaining a pedigree certificate is as follows:
1) Send a copy of your dog’s Universal certificate of registration. 2) Enclose the correct amount in a money order only (No Checks) for the pedigree of your choice. 3) Enclose this note or a brief note, that you are requesting a pedigree for your dog. CIRCLE ONE BELOW.
                                            For A  Regular Pedigree Certificate
        1 gen(Parents)                    2 gen(Parents & Grandparents)                      3 gen(Parents & Grandparents & Great Grandparents)
      $5 + $4 Total $9                       $5 + $12 Total $17                                                     $ 5 + $ 28 Total $ 33
      (2 verified names)                         (6 verified names)                                                       (14 verified names)
                                 The cost of a pedigree certificate is $5 for each certificate plus $2 for each verified name.

For further info call 845/624-5555.
         Please keep checking as we will be adding more discounted items, services and information.



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