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1. Universal can *Certify* Percentages of any Wolf Hybrid on your certificate of registration. If you have a Wolf Hybrid and you wish to register its percentage of wolf , it needs to be certified by its pedigree. Submit your original registration certificate and whatever pedigree information you have and we will check and certify the percentage of wolf for the dog you are requesting and issue your certificate stating that your wolf hybrid is a certified wolf hybrid with the proper and certified percentage of wolf stated on its certificate of registration for an additional small fee of $ 25.00 per registration (the pedigree of each dog has to be checked, calculated and certified). Unless a registry certifies the pedigree of a wolf hybrid, it cannot state the true wolf percentage. This Percentage Pedigree is different form our normal Pedigree which costs $5 for the certificate and $2 per certified name in the Pedigree (normal 3 generation pedigree $33). Our Pedigrees simply state the name and Universal number for each generation of the dog you are doing a pedigree on. There are no percentages put on this Pedigree.

2. Universal will certify the Bloodline of any Wolf Hybrid on its certificate of registration for all our breeders. If you  wish to have your bloodline put on the certificate of registration of the puppies you sell, then simply-when you receive back the green applications with  the registration of your litter registration for the puppies in that litter, then take each green puppy application and next to the type of breed put the bloodline in parenthesis. For example where the breed is stated, you put the bloodline in parenthesis and it will look like this:
Wolf Hybrid ( Bloodline-Blue Mountain). And Universal will put the bloodline on the certificate of registration under the "Certified" section of the certificate of registration, totally FREE of charge.

3.Universal will register and verify the Litter of each wolf hybrid concerning the four acceptable breeds that can be mated with either a wolf or a wolf hybrid. The four acceptable breeds that can be mated with a wolf or wolf hybrid are:
   A. Malamute.                B. Siberian Husky.               C. German Shepherd.              D. Samoyed.

1.Universal will also put the Type of Wolf Hybrid you have right on your dogs certificate of registration for FREE.
   The various types are:
   A. Tundra Wolf called Northern Rocky Mountain Timber Wolf or Texas Grey Wolf or Rocky Mountain Timber Wolf.
   B. Timber Wolf  called Arctic Wolf or Alaskan Wolf.
   Universal will type your dog at no charge ( Free).                       
 2.Also see the certification section above concerning the certification of the Wolf Hybrid percentages.

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