Our Fees & Services


Fees and Charges

Although our fees may change, please only pay the fees on the application you have.

Fees and charges may change without notice. Universal has a policy to try to keep fees and charges low. Anyone is always welcome to call us at (845) 735-0055, or you may email us at [email protected].

This is the list of fees and charges for all of Universal's current products and services.


Products and Services (Dog/Cat)

Products and Services (Dog/Cat) Description Cost/Each
Litter Application5 or less$20
6 or more$27
Lost Puppy or Kitten Registration ApplicationBreeder or owner losses and applicationCall the Office at (845) 735-0055.
Priority Mail - Next Day$38
Priority - 3 Days$15
Information on Application Mistakes or Changes (After Mailed)Call the Office at (845) 735-0055.
Puppy or Kitten RegistrationTo register your pet$40
To Transfer a Dog or Cat (of Ownership)When the dog or cat is being transferred to new owners$30
Mating Dog | Cat Service RegIf the owner wishes to find a mate or play pal for a pet$35
Plastic Holder for CertificatePreserve your registration certificate$10
Late Fee of Registration Over a Year OldDog | Cat$20
Pedigree 3 GenerationVerified Family History Basic Only Name$45
Pedigree 4 GenerationVerified Family History Basic Only Name$55
Pedigree 5 GenerationVerified Family History Basic Only Name$65
Pedigree 3 GenerationWith Color or Universal Number$75
Pedigree 4 GenerationWith Color or Universal Number$85
Pedigree 5 GenerationWith Color or Universal Number$95
DUAL RegistrationDog | Cat is registered with another registry: we will dual-register the Dog | Cat only if we recognize the registry. Dual, three, or more, and the fourth one is free.$30
Late Fee on DualIf the Dog | Cat is more than a year old$20
No Breeding on CertificateSpecial certificate registrations with no breeding rights, whereby the Dog or Cat is sold only for pet purposes and cannot breed.$10
Outside of the U.S.All applications submitted from outside the United States must include an additional processing fee.$15
Health CertificationYou take your pet to a veterinarian, and he fills out the health of the dog in detail. We put that into the Certificate of Registration.Call the Office at (845) 735-0055.
Toy Rat Terrier CertificationUniversal is the only registry that verifies its Toy Rat Terriers 1 year old or older with a veterinarian check and placing this information on the certificateCall the Office at (845) 735-0055.
Breeders Web Ad | Special Web AdIf the UCKI breeder wants to sell puppies fast, we offer this service where you may place up to 4 photos and email up to 20 words to tell people why they should buy your puppies or kittens. It wil stand out.$70
BooksWe have all breedsCall the Office at (845) 735-0055.
Key Chain Most BreedsBone and Bronze$10
Key Chain Rat Terrier or Universal DogPlatice Red$5
Bumper StickerSays I Love My Universal Dog | I Love My Rat Terrier$10